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Highsun R & D

One academician workstation

Polymerization R & D center (5t output)

Eight independent spinning position R & D centers

Karl Mayer warp-knitting center

Analysis & testing center

Spandex R & D center

Highsun group has established an integrated R&D system of the whole industrial chain. In the field of the chemical industry, as one of the leading caprolactam technological platforms in the world, it owns a caprolactam technological R&D center in the Netherlands and two bases in Fuzhou and Nanjing to build a globally coordinated technological innovation system together. In the field of chemical fiber, to enhance the creativity of high value-added products, it owns one polymerization R&D center which can produce 5 tons nylon yarn a day, one product development center which includes eight independent R&D spinning positions, one Karl Mayer R&D center, one analysis, and testing center, and one spandex R&D center which can produce 1.2t a day.

Group has the world advanced HPO Plus caprolactam production technology, the 304 national intellectual property patents, was named the national high-tech enterprise, national differential polyamide 6 product development base, and Fujian provincial enterprise technology center, and participate in the revision 3 standards of the state and 13 chemical fiber industry, Highsun participated in High Capacity PA6 High Productivity Continuous Polymerization Key Techniques project, a National 12th 5-Year Plan Program and passed state examination. Participating in National the 13th Five-Year Plan Program Polyester, Polyamide Fiber Flexibility Efficient Preparative Technique, key technologies of high-quality flame retardant fiber, and products.