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Company Culture


Through collaboration, we can inspire more possibilities and bring greater influence to people and society.

Brand concept

Bring together the capabilities, partnering with our customers to innovate and inspire what's next.

Company Values

We Are Fearless
We Don't Stop
We Collaborate

Company Story

Together, we make it happen
We believe that who can make a change for people, it shall be called enterprise.
In the 20th century, the emergence of nylon changed human life.
From polyamide manufacturing to leading chemical fiber industry, we have been working hard to bring real and positive changes to people and industrial society.
We are discerning and brave. Gathering industry talents, expertise, and knowledge. We and customers together to bring inspiration to the industry, work together to innovate the future, promote industry progress, and achieve greater possibilities.
We gather talents and specialties, stimulates thinking, and creates the future together with customers.

Brand spirit

Firm and Brave
Open and Sharing

Brand commitment

SyncQuality (Think Quality)
SyncSolution(Think Solution)
SyncForward(Think Forward)
SyncFuture(Think Future)

Brand Logo

Always, all ways